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Bare walls, no longer. Find the prefect paintings and prints.


Hello, I am Deon Simone Green,  an artist by passion, who is inspired by people. As self taught artist, I try to think beyond the boarders, often experimenting with lines and shapes. I enjoy using vibrant colours to give my paintings a rich physical presence. I mainly use traditional materials such as paint on canvas to capture the beauty of people.



  • BORN: June 1, 1995

  • HOME TOWN: Duncans, Trelawny, Jamaica.


  • 8 CXC's (including Visual Arts), Westwood High School, Trelawny, Jamaica. 

  • Bachelors in Business Admin, Marketing Major, University of Technology, Jamaica

  • Professional Certificate in Digital Graphic Design, Media Technology Institute, Jamaica. 


Why didn't you go to art school?

Unfortunately, at the time, being an artist wasn't considered a profession that's professional enough. However, during my time at Business School, I never stopped making art. 

How long have you been doing art professionally?

Since 2015.


Where is your studio located?

At home (Kingston, Jamaica)


What inspires you? 

I find inspiration in everyday interactions. I am fascinated by people and my experiences with different personalities. Through painting, I have the opportunity to share my experiences. Also, I am inspired by colours. I enjoy experimenting with colours to appeal to my audience emotions.



T. 876 - 836 - 2757  |  art@deonsimone.com
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